Has the time come to find a place of your own? Or do circumstances force you to look for a new home? For some, finding property for sale can be a fun adventure while for others, it represents a daunting challenge which they don’t want to face alone. In both cases, it is wise to start with solid planning. Bricks & Mortar Real Estate Agency is there for you, offering the advice and service you need.

Werrington real estate and its many advantages

Possibly, you were born and bred in Werrington, and you’re intent on staying there. Perhaps you’ve stumbled upon pictures on the internet of this excellent location, or someone you know lives there. No matter why, to you, Werrington sounds like a good place to live and rightly so! Werrington real estate has many advantages to offer:

  • Penrith is only a five-minute drive away, and you can get to Campbelltown or Sydney in less than an hour.
  • Whatever supplies you need, you may find quickly and easily at the Werrington County Shopping Village.
  • Shaw Park, the Werrington Lakes and Chapman Gardens offer a lot of green. Here, the air is clean to breathe.
  • Werrington is home to some excellent sports amenities.
  • The number of separate houses in this suburb is very high, so excellent if you’ve always wanted a spacious home with a big garden and perhaps even space for a pool.

Exactly what you want

While there are many houses for sale in Werrington, and they may all make a good impression, before visiting any, it’s important to note down exactly what you want. Take your time with this list since it will decide which home you’ll inhabit in the following years. Here follow some questions you should ask yourself:

  • Does your future house have to be ready for occupation and fully functional, or is it okay if it needs some renovating first? If you’re a handyman, this shouldn’t be a problem
  • How much room do you need? People tend to overestimate or underestimate their present living area
  • Price: Of course, your house must fit your budget. Have you saved part of the amount you want to spend? How much can you lend from your bank? Cheap doesn’t necessarily mean better. Which monthly charge will you face for water, electricity, and heating? What’s the house’s energy performance, and is it easy to improve?
  • The location is important too. Sometimes it’s better to buy a house which doesn’t look so pretty but lies in a lovely street. Making a home more attractive is easier than an entire street or neighbourhood.

Our list is far from complete. There are many more factors to consider, and sometimes the answer to a question raises more questions. Therefore, when you are looking for property for sale in Werrington, rely on Bricks & Mortar Real Estate. Our company name may be new to you, but the team behind it already has plenty of experience.