St Marys

The original inhabitants of this area were the Gomerrigal-Tongarra clan who inhabited both sides of South Creek. History has given us sparse records about the Gomerrigal-Tongarra people however we do know that they were part of the Dharug-speaking Aborigines, and therefore their life-style was probably similar to others of the Dharug clans.

Europeans settlement of the area dates from 1804 when the first land grant was made. Then the land was used mainly for farms and orchards and the village developed as one of the earliest settlements in the City. Industries were established, including tanneries and wagon building. The area continued to evolve throughout the 1800’s with the land being subdivided and the railway opening. St Marys takes its name from an original church in the area.

The suburb again took off in the 1940’s through to the 1970’s when private industry grew and public housing was constructed. Today St Marys is a mix of original property, new homes and strata living.

St Marys is bounded by Blacktown City, Forrester Road, the railway line, the Western Motorway, and South Creek. This suburb services many rural and urban communities, making it a vital part of the City of Penrith.

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