The Springwood area was first occupied by the Oryang-Ora aboriginal clan belonging to the wider Darug aboriginal tribe of the wider Sydney region. There are still many rock carvings and indigenous historical sites in the area today.

The naming of Springwood is derived from Governor Lachlan Macquarie and his wife, who stopped by what Macquarie called a “spring” in 1815. This along with “wood”, after the local Mountain Blue Gums, created the name we use today.

Settlement of the area dates from 1816 when a military depot was established in Springwood. Valley Heights was used as a resting place for stock in the 1830’s and Springwood became a popular stopping place for travellers along the Western Road, especially during the gold rush years of the 1850’s. The first railway line was put through the Blue Mountains in 1867, and the Springwood station was built in 1868.

After the railway was completed substantial growth occurred as the area became popular for wealthy citizens to build their county homes. Then, significant development again occurred during the 1970’s and 1980’s.

Today, Springwood is the second largest town in the Blue Mountains and is considered the hub between Katoomba and Penrith. The area combines the best of two worlds – the peace and tranquility of nature with all the modern day conveniences. Springwood offers a diverse range of shops, historic sites, local library, swimming pool, tennis courts and golf course. There are also the exciting bush walks and the lookout is an ideal peaceful spot to visit to escape from the world.

Major features of the area include:

  • Valley Heights Locomotive Depot Heritage Museum
  • Springwood Civic Centre
  • Springwood Country Club
  • Springwood Hospital
  • Sassafras Gully Reserve
  • Springwood Aquatic & Leisure Centre
  • Deanel Forest Reserve
  • Fairy Dell
  • Batman Park
  • Birdwood Gully Park
  • Buttenshaw Park
  • Coolabah Reserve
  • Lomatia Park
  • Long Angle Creek Natural Area
  • Magdala Natural Area
  • Martins Park
  • Mitchell Park
  • Peninsula Park
  • Blue Mountains Grammar School
  • Springwood Public School

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