Penrith City is a great place to live, work and play. This thriving community is located on the western fringe of the Sydney metropolitan area approximately 50km west of Sydney.

First inhabited by the Aboriginal Darug Tribe, Penrith still has many Tribe descendent living in the area today.

The Europeans settlers first explored the Penrith Valley in 1789. It was Captain Watkin Tench of the Royal Marines that lead a party to the foothills of the Blue Mountains where they reached a river and described such “as broad as the Thames at Putney and apparently of great depth, the current running very slowly in a northerly direction”. This river was then named the “Nepean River” after Evan Nepean (the Under Secretary of the Home Office in Britain who was involved in the organisation of the first fleet).

The name Penrith, was first recorded in 1822, and was named after Penrith in Cumbria England, although some state these details are a little sketchy. Whatever the name origin, Penrith quickly became a stop over point for travellers bound west and rapidly developed in agriculture to produce food for the Sydney Colony.

Penrith rapidly expanded during the 1970’s due to a major building boom and growth has continued to the present day. Overall, this vibrant city is rich in history and today has met the demands of the growing population by offering solid levels of; residential and business infrastructure; commercial and industrial areas, including extractive industries and manufacturing; and rural property for farming and agriculture.

Whilst the City of Penrith continues to move forward, its natural Aboriginal and European heritage are still equally valued. Today there are still a great number of beautiful heritage sites including churches, historic houses, homesteads, bridges, schools and lookouts. With a myriad of attractions to experience, from exceptional entertainment venues and places of historical interest to breathtaking wilderness areas, Penrith city knows just how to turn on the charm.

A diverse urban city with a relaxed rural lifestyle. Enjoy all the benefits of city living with the community spirit of a little country town. A place where the work–life balance can be achieved and all age groups are catered for. A place with the room to turn dreams into a reality. A home that offers significant opportunities for the local residents.

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