Lapstone is the first town that opens the gateway to the Blue Mountains. Only 45 minutes from Sydney along the Western Motorway to the Blue Mountains, you ascend Lapstone Hill.

Lapstone was given its name due to the many water-worn stones in the area. These stones were similar in appearance to those used by cobblers who would hold the stones between their legs in order to work the leather when making shoes.

A suburb soaked in history, there are several historical sites between both Lapstone and Glenbrook. One of these is the Zig Zag Railway at Lapstone (actually within the Glenbrook Boundary). Such was built in 1867 as part of the line from Penrith to Wentworth Falls, and the three tiered system allowed trains to negotiate the steep ascent.

A small section of the Zig Zag Railway can still be seen today, as can the remains of the private Lucasville Station. This is now part of a walking trail on the old railway/highway alignment, including a memorial to John Whitton, the engineer in charge of the construction of the Blue Mountains line.

Other monuments include the Lennox Bridge and Mitchells Pass.

The Lapstone village is a highly sort after area, popular for its stand-alone housing, close proximity to the natural beauty of the Blue Mountains, yet being only moments from two central hubs to the Sydney CBD – those being the Western Motorway and Lapstone Train Station.

Whilst Lapstone offers locals both a pre-school and a primary school, most other facilities are shared with the neighbouring Glenbrook village.

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