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Bricks and Mortar love being real estate agents for Cranebrook because Cranebrook is named after an original property in the area “Crane Brook Farm”, which was thought to be named for the abundance of waterbirds in the area.

In 1804, pioneer farmer, James McCarthy, was granted 100 acres of land. James started a cemetery in 1804 after his four-year-old daughter died. This cemetery, named “McCarthy Lane Cemetery” became one of the first Catholic cemeteries in Australia.

With the land used mainly for farming, the population was minimal until the late 1800s.

Significant development occurred from the 1970s when farming blocks were subdivided. The 1980s and 1990s brought about rapid growth which stabilised for about one decade from the mid-1990s. Development recommenced in the late 2000s with the popular Waterside development and this is expected to continue.

Cranebrook is naturally hilly and therefore many residents enjoy views across the Lakes and Nepean River to the Blue Mountains escarpment. Today there is a mixture of rural and urban aspects, with acreage properties scattering the Northern fringe, and residential homes completing the majority of the area.

Once regarded as a separate suburb, the Mt Pleasant housing estate has now been incorporated into Cranebrook as a whole. The suburb is bound by the rural areas of Castlereagh, Llandilo and Londonderry and the urban area of Penrith join Cranebrook to the south. The western side of Cranebrook features the Penrith Lakes Scheme, a series of flooded quarries.

One of these lakes is the Sydney International Regatta Centre which hosted the rowing events of the Sydney 2000 Olympics. There is also the popular Penrith Whitewater Stadium which hosted whitewater slalom events for the Sydney 2000 Olympics.

Cranebrook will continue to be a developing residential area, catering for all ages, and those aspiring home-owners.

The three public primary schools and one public high school operate in Cranebrook. Then there is the Catholic primary school, Corpus Christi, and one of the region’s most prestigious Christian private schools, St Paul’s Grammar.

Only 5 to 10 minutes’ drive to the Penrith CBD and a 10 to 15-minute drive to Windsor and Richmond, Cranebrook is a convenient residential pocket of Sydney – full of history and thriving with progressive growth.

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