Claremont Meadows

Named after an early property in the area, Claremont Meadows is a recent residential development estate within the City of Penrith.

The area was opened up during the late 1980’s and rapid development took place until the mid 1990’s. Then the area plateaued for nearly a decade, until 2005 where development again “took off” and continues today with a large numbers of new dwellings being built in the area.

This suburb attracts both young and old with its central location, affordability and the land available to build a new home.

Claremont Meadows has a small shopping centre, various local services include hairdressers and bakery. There is also a community centre, primary school and several pre-schools. Locals also take full advantage of the tertiary facilities within close proximity as well as the larger shopping centres of both St Marys and Penrith.

Public transport is serviced mainly by buses and the closest railway station is Werrington.

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