With A Professional Real Estate Agent, Finding A House Or Property For Sale In St Marys Can Be A Breeze

Ensconced between the South Creek or Wianamatta, and the Ropes Creek lies St Marys.

This erstwhile township with a rich industrial and agricultural history, and with its heritage-listed church is a pleasant place to live.

With Wianamatta Regional Park, Whalan Reserve and The Kingsway, it has a lot of healthy green to offer. You’ll find an excellent choice of shops on Queen Street, but also in the Village Shopping Centre located on Charles Hackett Drive, and at the Station Plaza on Phillip Street. Penrith is only a five-minute drive away. Does Bondi Beach call when the weather is warm and sunny? A trip to Australia’s most famous beach will usually not take longer than an hour.

Demand for property for sale in St Marys is high which is no wonder considering its many assets. Consequently, if you are looking for a house for sale, relying on a professional real estate agent near St Marys is a must.

High quality and overzealous sales people don’t combine

At Bricks & Mortar Real Estate, we are happy to serve you with an experienced and highly competent team. If there’s one thing you don’t want, it’s a pushy real estate agent who gives you only useless information. Nobody should try to sway you in one direction or another, and you should never feel pressured into buying a house you don’t want. From the first moment you contact us until completion of the transaction, and even after this, you’ll enjoy first-rate counselling and service.

Finding the right house for sale in St Marys

At Bricks & Mortar Real Estate, we base our search to find the right home for you on the data you supply to us. Indeed, one of our priorities is writing down the elements which represent your ideal home. If the St Mary real estate we have on offer doesn’t reasonably meet your expectations, then we won’t waste your time with an invitation to see it. Only when we are sure that you’ll love what you see, will we contact you. We check the houses thoroughly too so that you aren’t confronted with hidden faults.

“We were very pleasantly surprised by Matt of Bricks & Mortar Real Estate,” our clients say. They consider our approach “no-nonsense though personal.” We are proud of these compliments and exert ourselves always to deliver a premium service at an affordable price.

Our After-sale services

There is more involved in buying a house than just finding the right fit and concluding the transaction. Few are the potential buyers who’ve saved exactly the right amount to complete the purchase. Count on Bricks & Mortar Real Estate if you have questions regarding banks, loans, mortgages, and other financial matters. This includes insurance too, since protecting your property well is at least as important. Not only do we want to match you with the perfect house, but with the ideal bank and insurance company too. You’re always welcome to phone us or send us an e-mail at info@bricksmortar.com.au. Or follow us on Facebook for practical tips and tricks.

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