Our Real Estate Agents Provide Help For Your Property For Sale In Penrith

Our estate agents in Penrith are knowledgeable in all facets of real estate including buying, selling, and property management.

When you’re ready to sell your home, we can help you sell it quickly and for a price that suits you. We also strive to put buyers into their dream home.

Common Mistakes of Sellers

Sellers often make common mistakes when putting up their property for sale in Penrith. The first mistake is thinking you will save money by foregoing an agent. It is true that agents work through a commission, but our fees are lower than other agents. Our commission is only 1.5% of the selling price which includes the full marketing of your property. When compared to the increased selling price and quicker sale we can provide, enlisting the help of our agents is very cost-effective.

One service we provide is finding a price for your home that is fair to you but will also attract potential buyers. You don’t want to set the price too high because people won’t want to look at your home. The cost should be low enough to attract buyers but still, give you some room to come down in negotiations. You probably won’t get your asking price, and if you expect to, you are making another common mistake.

If you don’t talk to your insurance agent before showing your house, you are also making a common mistake. When you have real estate for sale in Penrith, you will have an above-average number of visitors on your property increasing your chances of an accident for which you could be liable. You should talk to your insurance agent about possible hazards and if a temporary increase in coverage is prudent.

You have been living in your home, and you understand the problems that exist, but you’ll be making a mistake if you try to hide them. Chances are they will be discovered during a home inspection which will give the buyer leverage. Instead of ignoring the problems you have a couple of choices. You can fix the problem, or you can set a price below market value to cover the issues the new owners will have to handle.

Property for Sale in Penrith

No matter which side of the sale you’re on, we will work for your best interests. Buying a home can come with just as many pitfalls and our agents can help you avoid them. We can help determine your budget and narrow down the type of home you want. When you find a house, we will negotiate on your behalf and will guide you through the process until the keys are in your hands.

Whether you’re buying or selling real estate in Penrith, contact Bricks & Mortar Real Estate, and our agents will work hard for you. If you are interested in owning property as an investment, we can help you get started, and we will manage your properties to get you the best return.

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