Navigate The Real Estate Market In Caddens; Team Up With Bricks & Mortar Real Estate To Sell Your Home

Selling a house is more complicated than it may initially seem.

A big part of the challenge is that the market is constantly fluctuating. Between inflation, home buying trends, market supply and demand and a host of other factors, a home that is priced one way in April would probably have a different price if it were listed in December. If you are trying to sell residential real estate in Caddens, these fluctuations are enough to cause much confusion and frustration.

Pricing your home is perhaps the most critical step in selling a home. Buyers search homes based on a price range, so how you price your property will dictate who sees it or considers it as a potential buy. Well-priced homes will always sell faster than homes that are overpriced. Of course, your price point will also impact how much money you walk away with at the end of the transaction. Besides, overpricing your home usually leads to settling for less money than it’s worth, just because overpriced homes sit on the market for a long time—leading to a perception of undesirability among potential buyers.

For these reasons, our team at Bricks & Mortar Real Estate makes pricing central to our selling services. We offer a free market appraisal based on your property’s condition, features, location, current market conditions, recent comparable sales and personal real estate knowledge and instinct. The result is an educated opinion on the value of your home, which you can use to price it competitively and strategically. From there, we will market your home, prepare a sales presentation, and do everything we can to sell your real estate in Caddens, quickly and at or above listing price.

Are you interested in a free market appraisal? Contact us today to get started.

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