Selling a residential property is a complex, detail-oriented process that many buyers and sellers alike remember as prolonged and stressful. Property sales and/or acquisitions, however, don’t need to be an unpleasant experience. When you partner with industry-savvy professionals that are experienced in your desired market, each end of the property transfer process runs smoothly and efficiently. Bricks & Mortar Real Estate — Western Sydney, has extensive knowledge and experience throughout the region with numerous successful transactions completed in Caddens, Glenmore Park, Erskine Park, and Claremont Meadows. Whether you want to buy or sell, we walk you through the entire process providing you with current market data such as specifications about other houses for sale in Claremont Meadows compared to houses for sale in Erskine Park and other surrounding areas. We communicate with our clients regularly about new listings, prospective buyers, and ongoing bidding negotiations. We use our extensive region-specific market knowledge to optimise returns on your investment.

Skilled Broker of Houses for Sale in Erskine Park and Neighbouring Communities

Smooth hassle-free property sale and acquisitions are facilitated by savvy professionals on the pulse of the current market. If you wish to sell, contact us to book your free appraisal appointment where we come out and view the property. Next, we go back and research the observed features, surrounding neighbourhood specs, as well as recent and current houses for sale in your property’s location. At the second interview, we put contract details, and an advertisement schedule in place. When your house for sale near Caddens is ready to be photographed, we’ll send out a professional photographer who will highlight your property’s best features. Once you approve all materials used to advertise houses for sale around Glenmore Park, print ads are sent out, and the house for sale is posted to online listings. As buyers take an interest, we update you with each bid and/or feedback. Once you accept an offer, we facilitate a smooth transition ensuring errors in the documentation don’t hold up your sale. You’ll be at Settlement in no time!

Honest and realistic listings create a desirable place for buyers to browse, inquire, and ultimately purchase. Prospective buyers affiliated with us can arrange pre-listing access to new properties, while Open Houses and private viewings are available to the public. Our agents are skilled at steering buyers to houses for sale in Caddens or perhaps Glenmore Park tailored to their preferences. With numerous houses successfully sold in Claremont Park, Caddens, and throughout Western Sydney, we’ll keep you on track so that you’re settled in a new home expediently.

Sell with Bricks & Mortar for Honest, Low-Cost, All-Inclusive Fees

Committed to maximising your profits, Brick & Mortar Real Estate Agency set our fees at an industry-low of 1.5% of the total final sale. Unlike other real estate firms brokering houses for sale in Claremont Meadows, our fees are all-inclusive. You won’t pay extra for the professional photography used in advertising, print ads, online listings, or onsite signage. In addition to advertisement management, we schedule and facilitate open houses and private viewings at times that are most convenient for the current residents.